E3 Holster Style Slim Wallet- Horween Natural Shell Cordovan

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The Wild West has changed, but our needs really haven’t. We still need to prove that we are who we say we are and to pay honest folks for their goods and services. It’s just good sense to put our necessities near and accessible with the tried-and-true E3 Supply Co Holster Style Slim Wallet.

The holster style design cuts down on bulk and allows quick and easy access to your cards or ID. Holds 3-8 cards comfortably.

The holster wallets, made in small quantities by hand in our little NYC workshop, feature Horween Natural Shell Cordovan. Genuine Shell Cordovan is the product of dedication, knowledge, and finesse. It is a very specific leather, from a particular part of a horsehide. It takes at least six months to complete the process of tanning and polishing the oval-shaped shells. Each step is time-intensive, highly specific, and necessary. From being slowly steeped in mild vegetable liquors, to being fitted onto glass frames to dry, to being hand dyed, rubbed, and glazed by skilled artisans, Cordovan brings our products to next-level excellence.