On the Road

New York City is an incredible place to live. It can also be a little overwhelming at times. We were kicking around ideas for a city escape pod and mobile workshop and lucked into a really beautiful 1977 Toyota Chinook a few months into our search. 

It’s an awesome small platform that gets rad fuel mileage, has enough room to work /surf/shoot out of, and still fits in a standard parking space. We spent a month or two working on mechanical repairs and upgrades and had everything sorted in advance of East Coast Hurricane Season. 

The first distance trip was down the Eastern Seaboard chasing waves, pit stopping in Florida for some family time and suspension upgrades, then heading west towards California. A few months and several thousand miles later, and all systems go! 

We’ve been bouncing around the awesome mountains, beaches, and deserts of California the past few months and heading home to NYC as needed to keep up with production and the day-to-day E3 details. 

The Chinook is outfitted with a mini leather workshop, so we’re able to make most of our products while out traveling and keep orders for our handmade goods going out the door at record speed. 

It’s been a super fun little experiment so far and just awesome spending time on the road checking out this beautiful country of ours. There’s still some beautiful blind spots and great stuff out there, ya just gotta get out and find it.