4 Pack: Cassette Tape Loops: "The Diver" HF Series / 5 Second Length

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4 Pack of 5 Second Loop Cassette Tapes (Blank), handmade by E3 Supply Co.

NOS Maxell XLII Type II Tape / Continuous Playback. 2 Pack.

"The Diver Series"

This limited small batch run of Loop Cassette Tapes were created using 1998 Maxell XLII Type II Tape Stock and are housed in a modified Maxell UR60 or UR90 Shell with "The Navigator" design (created by artist Kris Fillon).

Each loop cassette tape has been hand cut, spliced, and assembled with exacting standards to create the perfect blank canvas for your ambient, lo fi, and experimental music projects. The tapes are designed to work with Tascam, Fostex, and Yamaha 4 Track Recorders as well as standard cassette players and walkman.

Our tapes are assembled using NOS Type II Chrome Tape and archival splicing tape and are precision cut on a custom 1/8" splicing block, ensuring trouble-free recording and playback.

Top-quality NOS Maxell XLII Tape is used in all of our loop cassettes, providing stellar sound quality and solid reliability.

Every loop cassette tape is tested in 2 different Tascam 424's prior to packaging to ensure tape tension is within spec and transport is smooth.

We'll be releasing limited batches of loop cassettes in varying lengths and different NOS Tape Stock and artwork regularly. Check back often!