Maxell XLII-S 90 Type II Cassette Tape: "E3 Upcycled Series"

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MAXELL XLII-S 90 Tye II Cassette Tape: E3 "Upcycled Series".  

Tape Stock Vintage: 1998

One of my favorite tape stocks of all time. Maxell XLII goodness with an extra layer of emulsion for good measure. 

Quality New in the Wrapper Type II Tapes are getting expensive and hard to come by these days. The collectors market has driven the prices quite high on what used to be some of the more common and available Maxell and TDK variants. 

For those who plan on recording vs collecting, I thought to offer up a solid alternative and solution to rising Type II Tape prices. 

I sourced a metric sh*t ton of beautiful TDK and Maxell Cassettes from a few studios that were closing up shop and Dead Heads that had huge concert tape collections. Essentially, super clean well preserved tapes that were recorded once and haven't seen a whole lot of playback or use since. 

I've gone through and physically cleaned all of the shells using a Plastic Restoration Kit, erased all of the tapes using a high power industrial strength Bulk Eraser, and inspected the tape stock for any railroading, problems, or signs of excessive use.

Any tapes that don't make the cut are pulled from the pile. The rest are packed up in 100% Recycled Poly Cases, making these fellers a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to New Old Stock Tapes. *We offer those as well:) 

One can make the argument that the noise floor will not be quite the exact same as brand spanking new tapes, but I've tested a ton of these vs new stock I have on hand and fell they provide essentially the performance for a fraction of the price. Granted, I spent too many years touring in a punk band playing without earplugs like a dummy, but these tapes sound and perform great.

If for any reason you run into any issues working with any of our Upcycled Cassettes, please just send me a quick email and I'll get ya sorted in no time at all. 

Thanks for considering theses tapes as an alternative, helping keeping landfills a bit less full, and making use of some out dated but sonically wonderful and fun old technology.