Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap: Clayton Dark Brown

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We are proud to introduce the E3 Supply Co Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Band, in top-quality Clayton UK Dark Brown.

Genuine Shell Cordovan is the product of dedication, knowledge, and finesse. It is a very specific leather, from a particular part of a horsehide. It takes at least six months to complete the process of tanning and polishing the oval-shaped shells. Each step is time-intensive, highly specific, and necessary. From being slowly steeped in mild vegetable liquors, to being fitted onto glass frames to dry, to being hand dyed, rubbed, and glazed by skilled artisans, Cordovan brings our products to next-level excellence. 

As with all of our products, this band is hand cut, stitched, punched, and assembled one at a time in Brooklyn, NY. For our hand stitching, including the strap keeps, we use waxed handsewing poly cord. 

Available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm Strap Width

*Watch in photo is for reference only and not included.